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ZapaTaxi is the smartest way to book your taxi. We have partnered up with many licensed taxis and drivers in your area, to bring you the best cost effective solution for your day to day taxi needs. We know that if you ask 10 taxi drivers for a price, you can get 10 different prices.

Well we do exactly that get you up to 10 prices in one place, on your desktop or Smartphone. You don’t even have to negotiate with the driver, we do that for you, the driver knows to be in the running they must give the best price first time. Not only that we use our advanced ZapaTaxi technology to look for the closest taxis to your location and request them to give their best fixed price, you then decide which taxi to select based upon price and rating, which is left by previous users.

Have you ever asked several taxi drivers for a price, and got a different price each time, Why not come to ZapaTaxi and ask the drivers anonymously, you may even be pleasantly surprised at the price you end up paying, with out compromising the service or quality.

The licensed taxi drivers are fully aware that they are competing with others in the area and will give a fixed price based upon the details you have input.


  • Compare prices from local taxi drivers in real time

  • Select the taxi that appeals to you

  • Get picked up within minutes

  • A real opportunity to get the best price without ringing round

  • A taxi fare comparison platform that gets you the best fixed price

  • All taxi drivers registered and licensed

  • Left your Mobile / Wallet in the back of the cab, no problem call the driver directly, you have the details in your email & SMS inbox


So why not get your next taxi with us at ZapaTaxi



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